3 Things to Look for in the Mold Remediation West Palm Beach Area

Mold in your home or workplace is a deadly invader, and one that can be difficult to detect until the visible signs of black spotting appears on your surfaces and textiles. It can be equally challenging to find the best mold remediation West Palm Beach company, as the staff, their equipment, skills, and customer service all play major roles into the overall quality you are left with once they perform services and leave your residence. This article is intended to help homeowners and business leaders learn how to find the best mold remediation West Palm Beach company to ensure they get a great deal, and the work is expertly performed with all mold being removed leaving a safe dwelling for people and pets.

1. Make Sure the Mold Remediation West Palm Beach Company has the Latest Equipment in Modern Mold Removal

A window sill with dirt and dust on it.

Virtually every mold remediation company follow the standard playbook for when it comes to mold removal: they have detection equipment that pinpoints mold colonies, they use a special chemical that’s sprayed on the infected surfaces and scrub the mold away, or they will remove mold infested materials and work with a second party to rebuild the area, while working with yet another party to fix the problem that caused the mold (such as a plumbing leak).

While all of this follows industry standards, there is a better option for mold remediation, and it’s the only one in existence to guarantee that all mold is killed, and it kills the COVID virus: cold sterilization dry fogging is the most efficient way to kill mold, in record time. Not all mold remediation companies have dry fogging technology, but when you contact Titan Remediation, we will come with our cold sterilization solution and kill every last spore of mold, including those in your ventilation system, mold in between floor boards, on textiles, on the ceiling, and in hard to reach places in less than an hour for a typical 1500 SF home.

Dry fogging not only kills mold, it also kills all viruses and pathogens leaving your home to the sanitary standards of a medical clean room. No furniture or belongings need to be removed from your home, as there is no moisture in this treatment and therefore no damage can be done to your home or possessions. Dry fogging mist floats anywhere mold can go, it is safe for people and pets, and is very fast to perform. If your mold remediation West Palm Beach provider doesn’t offer dry fogging, call Titan Remediation, and we will be there on the same day to get the job done in no time.

2. Make Sure Your Mold Remediation Company is a West Palm Beach Expert

A wall with black mold growing on it.

Not all mold remediation companies are the same. West Palm Beach is a very unique area for fighting mold, and requires a deeper knowledge of the many challenges the area faces in trying to prevent a mold outbreak. In fact, many homes in West Palm Beach with mold became infected for a combination of reasons.

First of all, West Palm Beach has a mix of new-build mansions, with small middle-class older homes built mid-century. These mid-century homes may undergo renovations, but rarely is the original plumbing updated, as people focus on a quick-flip in this market. Also, moisture can enter the home around windows and doors, as many window installers aren’t equipped to fit modern vinyl window or glass products into worn frames. Then you have a high salinity level in the area, you are in one of the areas with the highest rainfall in the country, there are hurricanes and high winds that blow moisture into homes, roof leaks, and all of the other common issues that cause mold such as appliance leaks, toilet backflows, tree roots growing into plumbing, pipe bursts, and ground water settling into the foundation. Experienced mold remediation West Palm Beach companies have skilled experts who know all of these threats well, and can quickly identify the root causes for mold so they can fix the problem and remove the mold. Otherwise you might have a mold free home when, but the problem is still there and this means the mold will return.

3. Get a Sense for the Mold Remediation Company’s Personal Approach

A good mold remediation West Palm Beach provider will not only remove all of the mold and fix the problem that caused the mold growth to begin with, they will also educate homeowners about the problem, show them how to care for their home, and treat them like family. Mold in the home is extremely stressful. In some cases, people have died from mold exposure in their homes, as it can cause severe respiratory problems. Mold, depending on how long it has been allowed to spread before a mold removal technician steps in, can cause expensive, financially devastating damage to homes, such as the need for a new roof or foundation. Mold can also kill the resale value of someone’s home, and cause severe anxiety for families. Your mold remediation experts should treat you with respect and sympathise with you, while giving you confidence that the problem will be ameliorated, through every step of the mold remediation process. This is where companies have the opportunity to go above and beyond expectations in customer service, and the way they treat you and your family is key to your wellbeing.

Why You Should Call Titan Remediation for Mold Removal in West Palm Beach

Titan Remediation is the main mold remediation company in West Palm Beach using cold sterilization dry fogging technology to kill all mold spores and viruses in one passing sweep through homes in our fine city. With decades of experience we are the true experts, and our customer reviews are testaments to our ability to always treat our customers like family, putting them first in all that we do. If you detect a musky odor in your home, see spotting on the walls, or there is a dampness in the air within some of your rooms, give us a call and our West Palm Beach mold remediation team will be there in no time, responding quickly to inspect your property, quickly draft up a plan, get to work, restore your home to good as new status, and educate you more on the problem and what you can do to keep your family safe from any future mold outbreaks. Don’t delay and let the problem get worse; call our team and leave the hard work up to us!