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A Reliable Mold Remediation Services Provider

Located in West Palm Beach, FL, our company has proudly been in business for more than five years. We have always believed that attending to our clients’ needs and concerns is paramount to our success ever since.

Who We Are

Titan Remediation began with an idea that customer service is the most important thing We realize that a flood or mold is a stressful situation. Having the knowledge to clean up repair or replace damaged items is not enough. Respect the integrity and putting the customer's needs in this situation first is what we live by.

Our experience allows us to make a smooth transition from the first day to present you with the finished product and every step in between. We realize that although usually unexpected, this is your home your family and we are a guest in your home and treat it as such. We look forward to having our team of professionals’ works through any situation that may come your way and thank you for choosing Titan Remediation Industries.

Titan Remediation is Ranked #3 in the state of Florida for mold remediation.

Our Core Values

Customer Focus



Skilled and Experienced

Our only goal is to make sure your home is safe, clean, and happy. Headed by Chris Shean, our team goes to various lengths to ensure that our work is of high quality. Our proficient experts have completed intensive training regarding the proper procedures for handling mold contaminations.

Take Action

Contact us immediately at the first few signs of mold. Spores spread quickly and easily. Exposure to them can irritate your eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs and cause allergic reactions such as sneezing, red eyes, and rashes. Feel free to get in touch with our team today for more information.

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