Mold Removal and Water Damage Restoration Pompano Beach Services

Your home is your most valuable asset. Not only is it likely the biggest investment you have made, it is also your family home providing shelter and safety for your loved ones. Unfortunately, Pompano Beach, Florida has one of the highest reports of water damage and mold in the country, so if you call this city home, your chances of having to call for the best water damage restoration Pompano Beach services and mold removal is significantly higher than if you lived elsewhere in the country. If you live in Pompano Beach and need water damage restoration and / or mold removal services, call Titan Remediation for the fastest response time and highest level of care.

A person in white suit and mask spraying water.

Titan Remediation’s Commitment to Providing the Best Water Damage Restoration Pompano Beach Services

Pompano Beach is a very special city in which Titan Remediation takes great pride in protecting community households with the best water damage restoration and mold removal services. Located in Broward County, Florida and situated along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean just north of Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach is a highly sought-after place to call home in the West Palm Beach – Miami – Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area with more than 6.2 million people. In fact, a large number of people live in Pompano Beach who commute to one of these areas for work. Pompano Beach also has a magical reputation for being the home of the Goodyear Blimp ‘Spirit of Innovation’. Whether you have a mansion in Santa Barbara Estates that has a leaking roof, a condo in Harbor Village with a pipe leak, or the family home in Old Collier has experienced flooding from an appliance breakdown, call Titan Remediation for fast water damage restoration Pompano Beach services without delay.

Water Damage Restoration Pompano Beach Hurricane and Flood Repair

In 2018 Hurricane Irma hit Pompano Beach with Category 1-force winds. Multiple homes sustained significant damage, and in the aftermath of the hurricane, flooding and water damage was impacting hundreds of homes. According to insurance claim data, the hurricane caused millions of dollars worth of damage through roof leaks, foundation flooding, and a combination of wind and water damage. If you find yourself in the wake of a hurricane in Pompano Beach, call Titan Remediation for fast water damage restoration services without delay because we are the flood damage experts in South Florida.

Why is Titan Remediation the Best Water Damage Restoration Pompano Beach Company?

Titan Remediation has a widely recognized reputation for being the best water damage restoration Pompano Beach company. Our water damage restoration technicians are local and active members in the Pompano Beach community; each team member is IICRC (Certified Restoration Specialists) to ensure our customers get the highest quality of care. In addition, Titan Remediation is the best water damage restoration Pompano Beach company because we are the preferred choice by insurance companies who rely on water mitigation and repair to be done quickly without any errors. Finally, we treat every customer like family. This means when you call for water damage restoration, we treat your Pompano Beach home as if it was our mother’s house. Our water damage restoration Pompano Beach crew won’t leave your home until it is safe and deemed a place that you and your family can live in without the threat of health concerns.

A flooded room with water on the floor.

Water Damage Causes Mold in Pompano Beach

Mold is almost always a lingering threat when there has been a water damage problem. If flooding or a leak in your home wasn’t properly remediated, moisture can remain and weaken your construction materials while generating colonies of black mold.

Usually mold removal is performed once a customer suspects they may have a mold problem according to odors or physical signs such as black spots on the walls. Once Titan Remediation’s mold removal Pompano Beach crew arrives, we will begin mold detection services and determine the location of the mold and the extent of damage that’s been inflicted. Then we use the latest technology to remove every presence of mold, and in some cases, we will use dry fogging to ensure not a single mold spore is left behind.

Call Titan Remediation for the Best Water Damage Restoration Pompano Beach Services and Mold Removal

Don’t let water damage remain; you run the risk of it spreading and causing further extensive, costly damage, and it can cause mold growth. Call our water damage restoration Pompano Beach crew without delay, and we will respond quickly and get the job done ensuring your home is safe, and free from mold. Your family and the integrity of the home is not worth the gamble; call for fast 24/7 water damage restoration and mold removal in Pompano Beach today and leave the hard work up to us while you take care of your family.