Commercial Mold Removal West Palm Beach

When a business discovers a mold problem, their greatest need (and what is often the biggest challenge) is to find a  commercial mold removal company that can respond quickly so that companies can increase downtime, and to ensure that every mold spore has been removed to avoid any liability issues. As a business owner, you are looking for the best commercial mold removal services in West Palm Beach, meaning all mold is effectively removed, and that the mold mitigation company responds within minutes of your call. For more than a decade, Titan Remediation has been performing mold inspections and mold removal services in office buildings, warehouses, factories, hotels, hospitals, and many other types of commercial properties. 

A wall with black mold growing on it.

Time is the Biggest Challenge Faced by Businesses When They Need Commercial Mold Removal Services

When mold is detected in a business, employees must be evacuated because mold is toxic, and it can be fatal to humans. This means businesses must come to a halt and deal with downtime, but also mold can spread quickly if not dealt with right away, 

In as little as 48 hours, mold spores can spread throughout your commercial building causing the spread of irritants, allergens, and other matter that can cause respiratory issues in people. Mold that grows out of control can have devastating effects on the health of your employees and customers, on business operations, and it can spread to structural parts of the building that will result in very expensive remediation bills. In fact, the term, “sick building syndrome†was coined to describe commercial buildings with mold problems. 

Titan Remediation responds quickly to your call in which we perform a comprehensive mold inspection, determine the severity of the problem, and we create a mold removal strategy on the spot and begin executing mold removal procedures right away. Our goal is to get to you with lightning speed, and using the latest mold detection and removal equipment, eradicate all presence of mold, and restore any structural components of your property that have been devoured by black mold. We also perform all cleanup, and if water damage is present (something synonymous with mold, we are also certified water damage restoration experts and we will take care of all your needs in one visit. 

What Is Mold?

Unfortunately, mold is a natural part of our environment that can’t be completely eradicated from Mother Nature. The good news is that Titan Remediation is the only commercial mold removal that guarantees that 100% of all molds are removed from every square inch of your business property. Black mold, scientifically known as Stachybotrys Chartarum, is a common type of mold that is usually black, but it can also be green in color. This kind of mold can grow on wood, cotton, drywall, textiles, paper products, and a number of other materials used in construction projects. Mold develops when moisture is introduced to materials, be it simply from a high moisture index in the air, to plumbing and appliance leaks. Mold spores from the outdoor environment are everywhere, and when they float indoors (from open windows, open doors, HVAC systems, etc.) and settle on surfaces, they can multiply and create a toxic mold colony. 

If there is any mold in your commercial property, it must be taken seriously in order to prevent additional damage to the building, and to help protect employees and customers from life-threatening illnesses. If you have mold at your place of work, or suspend a mold problem, you need to call Titan Remediation for commercial mold removal services without delay.

What are the Signs of a Mold Problem?

Eventually, a mold problem will give itself away with clear visible signs of its presence. But if you can detect a mold problem before it gets that bad, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and expenses. Here are some of the common signs that mold is likely lurking in your place of business:

  • Musty Odor – If you detect a musty odor that smells like old books coming from your walls and floor, the stink could be due to mold volatile organic compounds or from the chemicals that mold released during various stages of its lifecycle. This is a massive sign that mold is likely present. 
  • Spotting on Carpets – Carpets are prime targets for mold. If your carpets have spots, suspicious stains, and release an odor, you likely have a mold problem. If you are able to lift up the carpet and you see a dark spot, you have a mold problem that may or may not have entered the subfloor. 
  • Water Heater and Appliances – Most water heaters in commercial properties are located in places that are difficult to reach, so if there is a small leak, it is common for it to gradually build and attract mold spores. In addition, if your break room has a dishwasher, and you smell a musty odor, there is a good chance that water has leaked under the appliance into the flooring, and mold is present. 
  • Employees Develop Allergy Flare-Ups or Asthma – Mold releases a dangerous substance called mycotoxin, which is known to influence respiratory problems in people who have allergies or weakened immune systems, and in otherwise healthy people it can cause asthma. When employees have been exposed to mold in the workplace you may notice that they are sneezing, feeling fatigued, coughing, or blowing their nose frequently, even if it isn’t that time of year. If you observe this behavior, call Titan Remediation for commercial mold removal and detection services without delay. 
  • Warping on Walls – If your paint is bubbling or your wallpaper looks distorted, there is likely a moisture problem, and with that comes mold. You will need to identify the cause of this moisture. Usually, there are plumbing leaks in the walls that spread out and eat through the drywall and into the wallpaper or paint. Be sure to call for commercial mold removal services before black mold begins forming. 
A window with water drops on it and a white frame.

How Does Mold Get Into Commercial Buildings?

Mold spores enter the workplace through vents, open windows, open doors, air conditioning systems, and heating systems. When mold floats in from the outdoors it can settle on a wide variety of surfaces and spread at a rapid rate. For example, it can land on one’s shoes, and when they walk from one office to the other, or go out on the sales floor, enter the reception area, or go into the warehouse, these spores can settle in multiple rooms. They can also settle on furniture, drapes, paper, walls, carpets, paint, cardboard, drywall, insulation foam and a wide range of other building materials commonly used in commercial buildings. Most building materials present appropriate nutrients that promote mold growth. 

Why Does Titan Remediation Claim to Be the Only Commercial Mold Removal Company in West Palm Beach that Guarantees 100% Mold Removal?

Titan Remediation is the only commercial mold removal company in West Palm Beach that guarantees 100% mold removal because it is the only company that performs cold sterilization dry fogging. Dry fogging is used to sterilize places that are concerned about viruses existing in their building, such as COVID, but dry fogging is also the most effective way to kill mold. Dry fogging is a moisture-free spray based in hydrogen peroxide that goes everywhere mold spores go. While traditional mold removal chemicals can only be applied to surfaces that technicians can reach by hand, dry fogging commercial mold removal spray goes in between floorboards and tiles, into HVAC systems and vents, on the ceiling, inside the keys of computer keyboards, in the crevices of furniture and drapes, and in the air where mold spores float around invisible to the human eye. Not only does dry fogging commercial mold removal kill 100% of all molds, but it leaves commercial properties as sterile as a medical clean room. 

Call Titan Remediation for the Best Commercial Mold Removal West Palm Beach has to Offer

It is critical for the safety of your employees, customers, and business operations to call a commercial mold removal company if you suspect a mold problem or see signs of one. For more than a decade Titan Remediation has been recognized for offering the best commercial mold removal services in West palm Beach with affordable, fast service and the guarantee that 100% of all mold will be removed. In fact, we can kill every mold spore in a 20,000 square foot building in less than an hour without the need to remove electronics, furniture, and other items from the premises. Call today for a quote, and gain peace of mind knowing that your building is clean and that you provide a safe environment for your employees and customers.