Dry Fog Mold Removal: Anti-Viral Cold Sterilization & Disinfection Service

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When it comes to mold removal, there is a standard service run by virtually every provider that consists of mold detection, mold remediation and removal, and restoration work. The problem is, this widely-used method doesn’t kill 100% of all mold spores. Keep in mind that mold spores are airborne and can settle into the smallest cracks and crevices where traditional mold remediation techniques can’t be effective. Mold spores also cling to ceilings, enter ventilation systems, and in their infancy can avoid detection technology. In other words, if you discover black mold on the subflooring under your carpet, you can have a mold removal company come out and restore that area, but airborne mold spores can remain and land in hard-to-reach areas where, over time, new mold colonies will form. The only way to effectively kill 100% of mold is to work with a dry fog mold removal company that’s certified and equipped to offer the newest advancement in mold remediation and room sterilization.

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What is Dry Fog Mold Removal?

Dry fog is a cold sterilization mist containing a hydrogen peroxide base that’s environmentally safe, does not harm people and pets, and it is 100% effective in killing all mold in living spaces. In fact, when a company performs dry fog mold removal, not only are all mold spores killed, but the living space is left as sterile as a medical clean room. In other words, dry fogging not only kills all types of mold, it also kills viruses like COVID, pathogens, eliminates dust and aerosol particles, destroys germs, and leaves a home or office with the purest air and surfaces possible.

How is Dry Fog Mold Removal Performed?

When you invest in dry fog mold removal, a technician comes to your home or office and releases a spray in each room, in a strategic method to ensure 100% coverage is achieved. The fog will go up and cover your ceiling, no matter how high it is. Dry fog mist will also enter your ventilation system, air conditioning and heating, cover all surfaces, and even get into tiny cracks found in construction materials, furniture, and electronics.

Why is Dry Fog Mold Removal Better than Traditional Mold Remediation?

There are a wide array of reasons why dry fog mold removal is better than traditional mold removal services. Here are the main value points behind cold sterilization dry fog mold removal:

Guaranteed to Kill EVERYTHING – You’ve heard the old saying: there’s no guarantees in life. But when it comes to mold removal, dry fogging is absolutely guaranteed to kill 100% of all mold spores, and any other pathogens or viruses in the home. Basically if it lives in your home, and it’s bad for you, dry fogging will kill it.

No Preparation Required – Usually when people invest in traditional mold removal services, they must first clear out their furniture, electronics, books, and other items. This can take hours, and in some cases an entire day. Homeowners will either do the work themselves, or pay a moving company to box everything up. However, because dry fogging contains no moisture, you can leave everything in its place without going through the miserable hassle of moving and temporarily storing items.

Fast Service – While traditional mold cleaning services can take all day to perform (several days if the home is large and mold is throughout), dry fogging takes mere minutes. A single dry fog mold removal technician can spray your average 2500 square foot home killing any contaminant, in less than 10 minutes. For large office or industrial buildings, dry fog mold removal can usually be completed in less than an hour. This offers tons of convenience to families with busy schedules, and for businesses that can’t afford to take a day off.

No Waiting – When you invest in dry fog mold removal, you can return to your home or workplace the second the technician is done spraying the interior. This convenience allows you to get on with your busy day, as carpets and surfaces aren’t wet and left to dry, and no toxic chemicals to people or pets are used.

Promotes a Healthier Environment, Kills All COVID – Dry fogging isn’t just used to kill mold; people also invest in weekly dry fogging sessions because it keeps COVID from entering your home or workplace, it kills influenza, and wipes out all bacteria. Dry fogging is especially popular with homeowners who have family members with illnesses, and for workplaces that want to provide a safe environment for their workforce. Medical centers, nursing homes, retirement communities, schools, churches, and other places with large amounts of foot traffic also routinely invest in cold sterilization dry fogging. So, in addition to killing mold, you can feel safe in your home knowing it is completely sterilized.

What About the Chemicals Titan Remediation Uses in Sterilizing Homes and Offices with Mold?

Titan Remediation has more than a decade of experience in mold removal, and as the science of mold removal has evolved, we have been ahead of the curve investing in the latest mold remediation and sterilization solutions. Here are some facts you should know about our chemicals:

  • EPA certified safe, with international verification in health care and pharmaceutical industries
  • Leaves no residue on any surface and dissipates very quickly
  • Used in hundreds of Pharmaceutical (drug), Hospital (surgical and patient rooms) and Manufacturing (clean room) applications
  • The fog goes everywhere that air goes, ensuring 100% coverage that a wipe down sanitation process cannot provide
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How Many Times Should Someone Sterilize their Home or Office with Dry Fog Services?

Clearly, if you see mold and there are signs of mold, then it is ideal to call Titan Remediation to perform mold detection services, execute mold removal (if necessary), and dry fog the premises to ensure your living space is completely healthy. After that, you can call for dry fogging as many times as you feel necessary. If a questionable person enters your home or workplace, you can call us just to make sure no viruses have entered the space. You can also set up routine sterilization appointments, be it once a week, once a month, or on demand. Having the complete sterilization process performed is cost effective for those seeking the standards of a medical clean room.

Call Titan Remediation for Mold Sterilization Quotes with Our Dry Fog Technology

Titan Remediation is committed to keeping our communities safe from mold, COVID, and harmful bacteria that lives in our homes and workplaces. Call today for a free quote and learn how we can make your home or office the cleanest living space in your county.

If you have any questions, about our company, our process or the chemicals used, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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