Calling the Best Water Damage Restoration West Palm Beach Offers Can Protect Homes from Significant Damage

Maintaining a home in West Palm Beach, Florida is expensive, as homeowners must ensure their property is protected from a wide array of disasters that lead to water damage. If homeowners don’t act quickly and call Titan Remediation, the best water damage restoration West Palm Beach has to offer, extensive damage can ravage a home and greatly reduce its resale value. There are a number of water remediation and restoration companies that pop up all over West Palm Beach that combat water damage. However, not all provide the same level of service, and this can have a huge impact on your ability to protect your home’s value.

What Causes Water Damage in West Palm Beach?

Palm trees and elegant buildings in West Palm Beach. Florida, USA

Many of the causes of water damage in West Palm Beach are the same types of problems that strike homes across America: pipe bursts, tree roots growing into plumbing lines and septic tanks, pipe leaks, toilet backflows, appliance leaks, roof leaks, and water runoff that enters cracks around doors and windows. However, West Palm Beach has a few leading water damage causes that most other parts of the country don’t have to deal with: hurricanes, floods, and year-round high moisture index. When you add all these factors together it is no surprise that West Palm Beach sees more insurance claims due to water damage than most other places in the US.

On top of the causes for water damage that can impact any home, in any location, homeowners in West Palm Beach deal with heavy rainfall, especially during hurricane season. Also, many of the homes are retro and have not had roof inspections, and as a result water can seep in and cause severe (and expensive) water damage problems. If left untreated, the water damage can spread and black mold almost always develops and given the fact we have high humidity in West Palm Beach, mold grows and spreads quickly.

This means you should call a water damage West Palm Beach company right away to protect your home, and you should make sure the company also performs mold inspection and mold removal services, as these two go together.

Your Water Damage Restoration West Palm Beach Provider Should Also Offer Mold Removal Services

Not only can water damage in of itself butcher the resale value of your home, but the mold spores that usually gather and spread because of untreated water damage can play a role into lowering the resale value of your home even further.

There are many water damage restoration West Palm Beach companies that perform both water mitigation, water damage repair, and mold removal, but very few perform mold remediation in a manner that’s fast and 100 percent effective. Titan Remediation is the exception; they use cold sterilization dry fogging, a fast, safe, and environmentally friendly mist free from moisture that kills 100 percent of mold, pathogens, and viruses, including COVID-19. Once dry fogging has been sprayed into the home (it takes less than 30 minutes to kill every single mold spore in your average 2800 square foot home), the restoration work can begin so that your drywall, flooring, and any other surfaces that were damaged by mold and water damage can be restored to a good as new condition. In fact, when it comes to protecting the integrity of your home and its resale value, having mold removal dry fogging sprayed in a home before buyers tour it will instantly bring value and make the home stand out in the area while making your potential buyers feel safer

Remember, In order for ALL mold to be completely eliminated from a home that had a water damage problem, you need to call Titan Remediation to perform cold sterilization dry fogging to remove 100% of all mold after the technicians have performed water damage restoration services. Dry fogging is a hydrogen peroxide- based solution that kills everything, and will leave your family safe, and your home in perfect standing.

Call a Water Damage Restoration West Palm Beach Company to Address Any Existing Problems You Can’t See

Many water damage problems originate from plumbing leaks or water slowly entering the home that goes undetected for months. In some cases, clues are present that let you know there could be an issue. For example, if there is a dampness in the air inside your home, or a musty odor, you could very well have pooled water behind your walls or under your floor. When you call for water damage restoration West Palm Beach services, a water damage and mold detection expert will come with the latest technology and sweep your entire home and property looking for signs of water entering your home, be in the network of plumbing in your walls, or potential water that has settled into your foundation. One of the best ways to protect your home from chaos is to call a water damage restoration company like Titan Remediation and have them inspect and perform any needed services before the problem explodes into a bigger and more costly one.

flooded floor in kitchen from water leak

Titan Remediation Offers the Best Water Damage Restoration West Palm Beach Service, Period

Don’t let a water damage problem evolve into something bigger and more costly; call our water damage restoration team at Titan Remediation for fast, effective help. We are available 24/7 and use the latest technology and certified experts to detect, assess, and remediate in no time saving you thousands of dollars in repairs that would be needed if the issue was left unresolved. Call us today for a free estimate and let us team up with you to ensure your home and family is safe and sound.