Why Cancer Treatment Centers in West Palm Beach Need to Invest in Hospital Sterilization Services That Utilize Dry Fogging

According to the American Cancer Society, people battling cancer have a higher risk of infection, catching viruses, and developing a variety of illnesses because their immune system is often too weak to control their body’s defense systems with great efficiency. Oncology departments at hospitals and cancer treatment centers in West Palm Beach are, of course, aware of this and all of them invest in hospital cleaning services to help provide a safe and healthy environment for patients, staff, and visitors. 

However, what most health care administrators don’t realize is that even hospital cleaning companies using chemicals that kill viruses and germs on contact cannot guarantee that 100% of all viruses and other harmful matter have been eradicated. Only West Palm Beach hospital sterilization services and cancer treatment center sterilization using dry fogging is 100% effective at removing all viruses, pathogens, contaminants, and anything that could threaten human health. 

According to an article published in the European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases titled “Hospital Cleaning in the 21st Century” by S.J. Dancer, hospital cleaning is a role that should be one of focus when it comes to controlling hospital infections, and that antimicrobial coatings novel biocides do not have a significant enough impact on improving patient outcome when it comes to protecting individuals from contracting infections and illnesses in hospitals. While detergent-based regimens were found to be cost-effective, the results were poor and therefore the need for an alternative disinfectant was stressed for hospital use. 

Why Dry Fogging Is the Answer to Resolving Hospital Sterilization Challenges

Dry fogging resolved every single need that hospital administrators have when they are looking for effective methods to sanitize cancer treatment centers and hospitals. Dry fogging is the only sterilization method that, literally, kills every microbe. Virus, mold spore, pathogen, and anything that can threaten human health. More so, dry fogging goes everywhere a virus can go, including the following areas:

  • In ventilation and HVAC systems
  • In and on medical electronic equipment
  • In between the keys of computer keyboards
  • On ceilings and high walls
  • In between floorboard and tile cracks
  • In linens
  • On papers
  • In between carpet fibers
  • Over every single surface

Unlike traditional hospital cleaning services, dry fogging hospital sterilization in West Palm Beach goes literally anywhere, and because the fog is moisture-free, it won’t cause any damage to electronics and papers, and it is safe for people while being environmentally friendly. 

Dry Fogging Is the Fastest Hospital Sterilization Method

Not only is dry fogging the only West Palm Beach hospital sterilization method that kills 100% of all viruses and contaminants, it is also the fastest method. The average 120-bed hospital is 300,000 square feet, and when it comes to traditional hospital sterilization methods, the process can take a week or longer. When using dry fogging hospital sterilization, the same size of hospital can be completely sterilized in only a few hours, which enables better internal efficiency, creates a better patient and guest experience, is better for hospital staff, and all in all, the process saves hospitals a great degree of time and money. 

Dry Fogging Sterilization Makes Your Hospital as Sterile as a Medical Cleanroom

It’s true, dry fogging hospital sterilization services performed by Titan Remediation remove all contaminants, including aerosol particles, dust microbes, germs, and any other organic threat to human health, making it identical to the cleanliness of a medical-grade cleanroom at a jet propulsion manufacturing lab, and even cleaner than a standard operating room. Hospitals and cancer treatment centers typically have Titan Remediation come for weekly scheduled visits to sterilize the facilities, and many take advantage of our 24-hour service—especially cancer treatment centers that administer chemotherapy during normal operating hours (we usually sterilize these environments after hours). 

Improve Your Health Center’s Reputation By Using Our Dry Fogging Hospital Sterilization Services

When searching for an oncologist and treatment centers to receive chemotherapy, patients and their families consider a number of factors ranging from the oncologist’s background, to the safety standards and precautions taken at each facility to ensure the patient’s health is always prioritized. When your patients and the surrounding community learn that you fully sterilize your facilities using cold sterilization dry fogging hospital sterilization methods, you will earn their trust and stand out as a medical center that truly places focus on the patient experience and safety, their families, and your staff. 

Call Titan Remediation’s Dry Fogging Team for a Hospital Sterilization Consultation 

Now is the time to make those critical improvements to your hospital cleaning plan and to invest in an approach that actually guarantees that 100% of all harmful matter will be removed. Call today and our dry fogging hospital sterilization team will walk your premises and give you a quote with a fast ETA, and we can book our services during those hours where you are least busy. Call today!