5 Things to Look for in a Local West Palm Beach Mold Removal Company

Living on the coast means mold sometimes develops in your home, office, or boat. When you discover the musty smell and telltale dark dots that signal mildew and mold, you need West Palm Beach mold removal. No one wants to think of the properties along South Ocean Blvd., Pelican Road, or South Lake Trail as developing mildew or mold, but it happens. Florida’s humidity combined with oceanfront property and its inevitable sea spray provides all the ingredients for a horrid mold problem.

You are not alone if your home, office, or boat did develop mold because 45 million US buildings contain harmful levels of mold. You need to immediately address it when you discover mildew or mold in your building because it can cause numerous health problems, including asthma attacks, chronic sinus infections, and exacerbate allergies. You need emergency mold removal from a professional mold removal company to restore your surroundings to a healthy level.

Determining who to call for this service can seem daunting if you just Google it or open the Yellow Pages. The following five criteria can help you find the right service to immediately address your remediation needs for West Palm Beach mold removal.

Determine the Mold Services Provided

Not all mold remediation services perform the same services. Some companies only handle mold detection and mold removal, so you need to hire a separate contractor for the restoration services such as installing your new wallboard, patching the wall, and painting it. Some service companies handle mildew and mold plus clean HVAC venting, while others might offer mold remediation as part of a larger selection of cleanup services such as flood remediation or crime scene cleanup.

Confirm the Service’s Training and Certification

You should not attempt mold remediation yourself. It requires a professional mold removal services team that receives training and certification in this scientific area. Your contractor should have undergone a formal training program. They should also have a certification from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the American Indoor Air Quality Council (AIAQC). This ensures they have the right education to know how to remediate multiple mold types using the right tools. These certifications also ensure they know how to avoid mold exposure by treating the structure.

Check the Mold Remediation Company’s References

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Phone each mold removal company you consider requesting references from them. They should be able to provide you with a list of references from past clients that provided permission to be contacted as a reference. Phone each reference on the list or at least three if they provide a lengthy list. Do not simply phone the first three. Instead, jump around the list taking one from the beginning, end, and middle of the list. Ask each reference the extent of the mold remediation problem treated, about their customer service, about clean up after the mold treatment, and about the costs. Check if their estimate closely matched the actual cost.

Background Checks at the Mold Removal Company

Check if the company performs employee background checks. This contributes to the credibility of the company as well as letting you know if you can trust letting the people into your home. You need to know that each person on their team received vetting. Mold remediation takes time, so this team will be inside your home for at least a full day. They will need to access any room in which you found mold and the one on the opposite side of the wall in which you found the mold. If you see mold on the outside of a piece of wallboard, it is probably also inside the wallboard. It could be growing on your frame right now and that means it probably grows on the inside of the wallboard of the other room’s wall. Since the remediation team will essentially meander through your entire home, you need to know that they all pass muster.

Obtain an Estimate on Mold Removal West Palm Beach

You should obtain an estimate from each company you think you might want to use. This comparison comprises your final step. Make sure each company provides an estimate that covers exactly the services you need. Each estimate needs to provide a cost for each service needed. This lets you compare the estimates with each other. Check that each company estimated each service you need and did not add extras. Also, check for fees tacked on for services you did not request. Once you have received estimates from each of the companies that met all the other four criteria, you can compare apples to apples on mold detection, mold removal services, and construction.

Titan Provides the Mold Removal West Palm Beach Trusts

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When you need the mold removal West Palm Beach can trust, turn to Titan. We provide a licensed and bonded mold detection and mold removal service with a superb local reputation. We earned our reputation as an efficient and responsive company that immediately addresses your mildew and mold problems. Titan uses up-to-date, modern equipment to treat mold detection and removal. We will not simply bring in our equipment and begin work. We will explain to you what action we will take and how each type of equipment and chemical contributes to removing the mildew and mold from the structure. Our equipment includes air scrubbers, commercial strength dehumidifiers, high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuums, HEPA filters, and hospital-grade chemicals. Titan employees always take the time to educate their customers and ensure they understand all the activities take to clean their home, office, or boat.

Call us today at (561) 475-4050 to obtain an estimate for mildew or mold abatement. We also now offer medical-grade COVID-19 sterilization. Let us help you live healthier.