4 Signs Your Business Should Call for Commercial Mold Removal West Palm Beach Services

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Unfortunately, mold is more common in businesses located in West Palm Beach compared to other parts of the country because the area gets significantly more rain and has a higher moisture index, and mold thrives in damp environments. It is every business owner’s responsibility to make sure he or she is providing a safe work environment for employees, customers, and visitors, and this means staying alert to the signs of mold growth.

This article is intended to help business owners and leadership teams learn four common signs of mold growth and when they should call Titan Remediation for commercial mold removal West Palm Beach services before the infestation expands and causes further harm.

(1) You Should Call for Commercial Mold Removal West Palm Beach Services if Sudden Asthma Develops in Your Employees

Not only can mold cause property damage, it also has severe consequences on human health, and one common health problem is asthma. According to a 2020 research paper published in the journal Clinical and Translational Allergy by Maritta S. Jaakkola titled “Indoor Mold Odor in the Workplace Increases the Risk of Asthma-COPD Overlap Syndrome: A Population-Based Incident Case-Control Study,†there is more than a 70% risk that people can develop asthma when mold is present in the workplace, and that the odor was the first sign alerting businesses to the presence of mold.

Even if a single employee with no prior health problems suddenly receives an asthma diagnosis, you are advised to call Titan Remediation for our commercial mold removal West Palm Beach team to perform an inspection using the latest technology, and then remove any mold colonies if applicable.

(2) If You Smell a Musty Odor, Call for Commercial Mold Removal

Black mold, the type of mold that can develop in commercial properties, has a distinct smell that’s described as musty and earthy. Some even describe the smell as being similar to rotting produce or rotten plants. Even if you don’t see any mold growth, but you still detect an odor in your West Palm Beach business location that is musty, then you should definitely call to get a mold detection test. Our Titan Remediation commercial mold removal experts in West Palm Beach use the latest detection technology, and we come fully equipped, ready to remove any mold and sterilize the premises if spores are present.

(3) Spots on Walls, Ceilings and Other Surfaces Are Signs You May Need Mold Removal Services

Inside your workplace, mold can grow quickly on damp surfaces where there may be pipe or other plumbing leaks, appliance leaks, or gaps in the exterior structure where rainwater can enter, like from the roof or around windows. Workplace mold is usually found in bathrooms or kitchens, but Titan Remediation has detected it under flooring, in ceilings, and within walls.

There are several types of “household mold†that can grow in commercial spaces, and they all look a bit different. While some have a furry texture, others look like black stains. Mold can also appear to look like specs of green, white, orange, or brown. If you detect any of these, do not try cleaning it; instead call our mold removal West Palm Beach team to come analyze the type of mold, perform further detection, completely remove the mold, perform any restoration work required, and sterilize your facilities.

(4) Bubbling on Ceilings or Uneven Wall Textures Can Be a Sign of Mold

We have already established that plumbing leaks can lead to mold growth, as mold colonies thrive in damp environments. If you see bulging or an appearance that looks like bubbles forming on your walls or ceiling, paint flaking away, or areas of the wall that look shiny or smooth compared to the rest of the wall, there is a strong chance you may have water damage, and water damage and mold go together like white on rice. Luckily, Titan Remediation is licensed and certified to perform full water damage restoration services along with commercial mold removal in West Palm Beach, so we can fix both problems in the same visit, saving your company a great degree of time and money.

Do Not Delay in Calling for Commercial Mold Removal Services

Mold colonies can spread very quickly, and before you know it, a mold problem that may cost $500 to remediate can quickly exceed far into the thousands. In addition, ignoring a mold problem that causes employees to get sick can open up the doors for devastating lawsuits.

In 2013, a former Florida prosecutor who was sickened due to mold exposure in a Broward County Courthouse was awarded a settlement of $166,500 paid by the county, and had they just called for mold removal in the first place, they would have spent less than $1000. In addition, a Florida man was awarded more than $48 million in 2021 for living in an apartment that had a known mold problem for one and a half years. Not dealing with a mold problem when first detected can not only devastated your company financially, but it can destroy your reputation in the community.

Call Titan Remediation for the Best Commercial Mold Removal West Palm Beach Offers to Local Businesses Across Palm Beach County

Titan Remediation is a family-owned and operated full-service commercial mold removal and water damage restoration company, serving businesses throughout West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. Whether you own a large hotel in the Australian Rd. and Belvedere Rd. vicinity, a large retail store over by Village Commons, a factory near Lake Clarke Shores, or a large office building near Municipal Beach, our West Palm Beach commercial mold removal team will respond very quickly and get right to work without inconveniencing operations, and we will get the work done correctly the first time. We can even use our cold sterilization dry fogging mold removal service to give you a 100% guarantee that every last mold spore has been destroyed in your building.

Call today and learn how we can help you safeguard your business and protect the health of your employees with the best commercial mold removal services in West Palm Beach!