The Best Water Damage Restoration West Palm Beach has to Offer: When Should You Call?

In many cases it becomes apparent when you should call a water damage restoration company to come perform water mitigation services and fix the source of the damage. However, most water damage incidents start well before the issue becomes apparent. According to insurance claim data, 10 percent of homes in the US have undetected water leaks and waste roughly 90 gallons of water each day. In addition, more than 70 percent of water heaters cause water damage before their first 12 years. These statistics are alarming, and when you contact the best water damage restoration West Palm Beach has to offer from an experienced, licensed service provider, you may be in a position where you aren’t entirely sure if in fact you have damage caused by water. This article is intended to help you learn when it’s appropriate to phone a local water damage company in West Palm Beach.

Water Damage Speculations in West Palm Beach Should be Taken Seriously

Worried young woman holding bucket under water drops

Florida homeowner insurance policies have one of the highest rates in the country due to the state’s reputation for leading the nation in water damage cases. In addition to plumbing leaks and appliance malfunctions, the high moisture index, rainfall percentages, and flooding occurrences contribute to one’s chances of dealing with water damage. In some cases, homeowners can begin to suspect water damage months after a heavy rainfall saturates a roof and water leaks into the structure. If you detect a musty odor and a dampness, and you live in south Florida, then calling for the best water damage restoration West Palm Beach has to offer is a smart move and could save you thousands of dollars in future repair bills. That said, simply living in West Palm Beach and suspecting a water damage problem is just cause in of itself to call.

Leaking Appliances can Cause Water Damage in a Short Amount of Time

If your water heater, washing machine or dishwasher is leaking water, don’t just wipe up the spill with a towel; call for the best water damage restoration West Palm Beach has on the map. In most cases these leaks start out slowly and go unnoticed before the water starts pooling on the floor. You will likely have moisture under linoleum or other flooring materials that will cause damage to the subflooring. In addition, untreated moisture in the floor often leads to mold, especially in climates like West Palm Beach. If you have a leaking appliance be sure to call a water damage restoration company right away.

Rainwater drains off the roof.

Rain Storms Cause Devastating Water Damage to Homes in West Palm Beach

When heavy rainfall comes around after a period of dryness, and you see moisture around your windows or detect a dampness in the air that wasn’t there before, you should call for the best water damage restoration West Palm Beach has to offer. In relatively little time moisture can set in to the crevices around windows causing damage to the window panes and surrounding area. If you detect moisture around one window, then it is highly probable that other windows may also have a pending water damage problem. By calling a water damage restoration company in West Palm Beach you can have a certified expert come with specialized equipment to detect any water damage, and make immediate repairs before the damage gets worse. In addition, it is ideal to have water damage restoration experts inspect the roof for any leaks. If your windows are vulnerable then your roof could be in a similar situation.

Call for Water Damage Restoration Services if You Have an Older Home and Suspect a Leak

A roof leak, pipe burst, or appliance malfunction in an older home is more likely to cause more massive, costly problems than newer homes. First of all, most older homes in Florida have their original plumbing, and old pipes are more prone to leaks. In addition, water entering the home acts more quickly on a destructive course when the construction materials are older. Water damage can happen in a home of any age, but older homes seem to get hit more frequently. According to insurance statistics, the main causes for water damage in homes aged 50 or more years are sewage backups, sewage clogs, plumbing leaks, and pipe bursts.

Close-up Of Flooded Floor In Kitchen From Water Leak

Call a Water Damage Restoration Company if You See Spotting on the Walls or Ceiling

Mold in the home appears as dark spots on various surfaces, and the main cause of household mold is moisture in the house. If you see mold on the wall or ceiling, there could be a leaking pipe in the walls. Make sure that when you call a water damage restoration company to come perform detection services that they are also licensed and equipped to perform mold removal services. Mold can cause serious illnesses including respiratory problems, asthma, shortness of breath, nausea, and even life-threatening illnesses. It’s worth protecting the health of your family and the value of your home by calling a water damage restoration and mold removal expert as soon as you discover spots on your walls.

Titan Remediation is the Leading Water Damage Restoration CCompany in West Palm Beach

For years Titan Remediation has been ranked one of the top water damage restoration companies in the West Palm Beach area, and is the third highest ranking mold removal company in the entire state of Florida. We built our company on the foundation of providing the best customer service in the industry while vowing to protect homes and businesses from water damage and mold infestations. If you think you might have water damage give us a call right away, and we will respond quickly and assess the entire home to ensure you, your family and property are safe. We have a speedy response time, so call today and get some peace of mind knowing that your home will be safe from the devastation water damage can cause.