The Benefits of Dry Fogging and Cold Sterilization

Dry Fogging with Dry Ice

With the threat of both COVID-19 and influenza, proper sanitization is more important than ever—but can you really be sure every surface in your home or business is sterilized? Viruses, bacteria, spores, and other microorganisms may lurk under seats and tables, inside drawers, and in nooks and crannies on equipment and electronics. If you feel…

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How to Safely Reopen Your Business During COVID-19

Working while wearing masks

Sterilization isn’t just for combating coronavirus; it can eliminate many types of viruses, bacteria, and mold. One effective process is dry fogging, a method of cold sterilization that releases a fog that kills pathogens in seconds. It can help if you are still concerned about reopening your business after the COVID-19 shutdown. Addressing health concerns…

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